The Rude Awakening was created to narrate real-life First World War stories from a different perspective, merging a unique single-player experience with easygoing art style inspired by Valiant Heart


  • Minimum requirements for Android:
  • 3GB RAM
  • CPU Snapdragon 662
  • 1.5GB free space in the mobile memory
  • Android 11


  • Minimum requirements for iOS:
  • iPhone 8
  • 3GB free space in the mobile memory
  • iOS 15.1

1 digital company

specialized in video gaming and virtual reality (VR), 101%

3 historical museums/centers

linked to the theme of armed conflicts - Forte Belvedere in Italy, Gornjesavski Muzej in Slovenia, and the Macedonian Centre for Photography in the Republic of North Macedonia

4 associations and NGOs

that deal with the themes of remembrance and peace education through cultural promotion actions ALDA (France), Mémoire pour la vie (France), The World of NGOs (Austria), and the Danube Connects (Germany)

1 municipality

the Comune di Lavarone, hosting a historical site.